Laika’s Dérive Prototype

Laika’s Derive is a new work that uses GPS, accelerometer data and interval timed sports photography to explore embodiment and the psychogeography of place.

A sketch for this project was produced during the Kiss Club incubator residency at the Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney. Feb 2010.(A minisite for the project prototype can be found here)

An interval timed motorsports HD video camera and harness system alongside accelerometer and geo data is used to capture her dérive. This data was used for 2 discrete projects:
– A google map and photomedia project and
– A data mapping iteration programmed in Max/Msp. The gps and accelerometer data of the dérive is used to generate an audio / visualisation.

The work was about enabling my dog, Laika (AKA Honks) as flaneur within the Carriageworks precinct.

For 2011, the project will roll out as part of the Performance Space’s WALK series 2011-  more information will be available soon, in the interim visit for more information about the project.



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