I have been a practising and exhibiting artist and designer for the past twenty years. These works include electronic installations, collaborations with performers, video and audio work, generative and software based artworks, VR environments and data visualisations/ecologies. Interdisciplinary and collaborative practice informs the development and ultimately the design of these artworks.

Short biography

Sarah Waterson is a new media artist, designer and senior lecturer in interactive design, whose work deals with the influence of electronic technologies on subjectivities and how design as a discipline can inform practice and inter-disciplinary collaboration/s. Over the past twenty years she has exhibited interactive environments nationally and internationally. Recent interactive installations have included: Laika’s Derive (Carriageworks 2010), 33ºSouth – a three-channel audio-visual installation that juxtaposes the cities of Sydney (Australia) and Santiago (Chile) using a custom made data mapping system and database (collaboration with Juan Francisco Salazar), trope, a new writing project developed for the Second Life environment (SWF 08), subscapePROOF, a custom made data mapping system (collaboration with Kate Richards, Australian Centre for the Moving Image 04/05), and subscapeBALTIC (collaboration with Kate Richards, ISEA2004).
Her recent publications include a book Chapter in collaboration with Dr Juan Francisco Salazar: Play _Space; Conceptualizing Interactive Media for Community Participation. Danny Butt, Jonathan Bywater (eds) PLACE: Local Knowledge and New Media Practice, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008.

Her current interests include data mapping, data ecologies and embodied media.
Waterson is a senior lecturer at the School of Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, Australia.

For a full resume please email me using sarah at sarahwaterson dot net