Exhibition of Laika’s Dérive London

Laika’s Dérive toured to London as part of Furtherfield’s WWW: World Wild Web exhibition.

Other artists in the exhibition included: Paula Crutchlow & Helen Varley Jamieson, Andy Deck, Mary Flanagan, Genetic Moo, Dominic Smith, and Sarah Waterson

Date: Thursday 18 October – Saturday 1 December 2012

Venue: Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion

You can view the London dog’s view here: 


Laika’s Dérive/Dog’s DeTour is a new media locative data-mapping work by Sarah Waterson about interspecies communication, collaboration and knowledge. Community participants and their dogs use an electronic mapping system (custom iphone app-GPS, accelerometer, interval timed and geo tagged photography) within their local area. The data collected is incorporated into the online mapping and visualisation system (website) together with the participant narrative and profiles. This work engages cross species sensing to explore a psychogeography of place.