This is the archive and documentation site for new media artist Sarah Waterson’s work.

While this section is being populated, below are some recent projects and mini site links:



Currently working on the Creative development and beta testing of a live event: BUMP.
5 artists, who work with data visualisation and or the body, each create a work that responds to live incoming data from collisions in a Sydney Roller Derby League, all-girl flat track roller derby game. Sensors attached to players send information to a server. The server sends that data on to the  artworks.

BUMP Live Event 2010 Hordern Pavillion
Francesca DaRimini
Linda Dement
Nancy Mauro-Flude
Kate Richards
Sarah Waterson
with the Sydney Roller Derby League
flesh bump data -> live art units


Laika’s Derive

This project is about enabling my dog, Laika (AKA Honks) as flaneur within the Carriageworks precinct. It was produced during the Kiss Club incubator residency at the Performance Space, Sydney. Feb 2010.
An interval timed motorsports HD video camera and harness system alongside accelerometer and geo data is used to capture her dérive.
This data is used for 2 discrete projects
-A google map and photomedia project and a data mapping iteration programmed in Max/Msp. The gps and accelerometer data of the dérive is used to generate an audio / visualisation.

33º south | 33º sur

33ºSouth is a three-channel audio-visual installation that juxtaposes the cities of Sydney (Australia) and Santiago (Chile) using a custom made data mapping system and database. Both cities lie on parallel 33ºSouth, and are post-colonial urban spaces with complex cultural and political histories. This project aims to set in motion a whole set of relationships between these apparently unrelated urban spaces by collapsing their histories and geographies into a different imaginary and virtual place with its own cultural narratives. Exhibited at Casula Powerhouse  Arts Centre, NSW in 2009.

This project was a collaboration between new media artist, Sarah Waterson and media anthropologist/videomaker Juan Francisco Salazar. MaxMSP programming by Jon Drummond.



trope promotes new Australian writing within Second Life. The first iteration is on conVerge island at the following SLURL.

Trope creatively intervenes in the ways that readers engage with literary texts and aims to expand writing networks and to further develop the virtual literary community. Trope features short fiction and poetry in selected exhibitions. Texts are repositioned in a spatialised visual format/s and audio designed for SL users to experience texts in a three dimensional world.



sub_scape is a conjuring and evocative work aimed at the interstices of metaphorical and material space. It is a playful and ironic critique on the traditional politics and power dynamics of knowledge-through-mapping. By mapping one space into another and playing on the emergent aesthetic and sense-making behaviours of the datasets, by using the dynamics of turbulence, balance, recursive effect and pattern formation in the data, the sub_scape affect is more baroque than cartesian.

A collaboration between new media artists Sarah Waterson and Kate Richards.

MaxMSP programming by Jon Drummond.