system overview

This first iteration of 33ºSouth comprises three large video screens and a generative system.

Two screens with video footage shot by the artists in Santiago and Sydney between 2007/2008 are set in opposition. Each video is 33 minutes, 54 seconds and 15 frames long, coinciding with the geospatial location of Casula Powerhouse (33°56'56"S). In the third (central) screen, video footage from both locations is reframed and composited by the database system using live data from both places. One set of data is made up of local air pollution levels in Santiago and water quality in Sydney, which are used to drive and compose the live video installation. The other set is the historical data of the Southern Oscillation Index (El Niño and La Niña phenomena) that affect the coasts of Australia and Chile in irregular and intermittent patterns. These are tracked as global weather enters the video space to select the video display based on meta-tags that range from public to private. The audience is invited to create a mental map of the superimposition of both locales and the system creates a heterotopic visual and sound scape by combining and recombining meta-data.