Short bio

Sarah Waterson is a new media artist, designer and senior lecturer in interactive design, whose work deals with the influence of electronic technologies on subjectivities and how design as a discipline can inform practice and inter-disciplinary collaboration/s. Over the past twenty years she has exhibited interactive environments nationally and internationally. Recent interactive installations have included: Laika’s Derive (Carriageworks 2010), 33ºSouth – a three-channel audio-visual installation that juxtaposes the cities of Sydney (Australia) and Santiago (Chile) using a custom made data mapping system and database (collaboration with Juan Francisco Salazar), trope, a new writing project developed for the Second Life environment (SWF 08), subscapePROOF, a custom made data mapping system (collaboration with Kate Richards, Australian Centre for the Moving Image 04/05), and subscapeBALTIC (collaboration with Kate Richards, ISEA2004).
Her recent publications include a book Chapter in collaboration with Dr Juan Francisco Salazar: Play _Space; Conceptualizing Interactive Media for Community Participation. Danny Butt, Jonathan Bywater (eds) PLACE: Local Knowledge and New Media Practice, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008.

Her current interests include data mapping, data ecologies and embodied media.
Waterson is a senior lecturer at the School of Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, Australia.

For a full resume please email me using sarah at sarahwaterson dot net